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Organizations hire Picciotti Consulting for one of two reasons:

They need a Chief Triage Officer … to “stop the bleeding,” when key business functions or large contracts are at risk … and then to fix the core problems, so the organization won’t have to face that problem again!

They need a Chief Health Officer … to assure they won’t need a Chief Triage Officer

Just like individual health issues, good health for companies doesn’t come from one-size-fits-all solutions. Picciotti Consulting tailors the evaluation, analysis and remedies to individual company vision and operations. And success comes with buy-in to the solutions, so the organization can sustain its long-term health.

  • When did your company last have a “physical”?
  • How often do you wait for problems to show up in your metrics before fixing them?
  • How much more expensive would your remedies be (in dollars and reputation) if you don’t correct problems when they’re small?

Want to see how Picciotti Consulting can make your company healthier? Please review Client Profiles, Picciotti Process, Success Stories, and Resources.

And learn more About Picciotti Consulting.

We look forward to bringing your company to good health and giving you the wellness program to keep it there!

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