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Client Profiles

Picciotti Consulting has more than 30 years of experience helping organizations make informed business decisions and achieve their vision in private and public sector arenas.

Private Sector
Picciotti Consulting clients are typically mid-to-large-sized services companies that wrestle with significant issues:

  • Growth is hurting the bottom line
  • IT is driving cost, not revenue
  • Customer complaints are losing business
  • Senior leadership team is fighting fires too much

Read how these and other critical issues have been solved in Success Stories.

Public Sector
Picciotti Consulting closes the communications and delivery gap between State regulatory agencies and the testing, software, and data management companies that serve them.

  • For the State regulators, Picciotti Consulting helps a) define their requirements in terms that their vendors understand, and b) establish and maintain effective relationships to meet or exceed their many constituents’ needs.
  • For testing, software, and data management companies, Picciotti Consulting works with their business and IT departments to deliver their promised services and products on time and within budget.

Read how specific issues and needs have been addressed in Success Stories.

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