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Picciotti Process

Most consultants bring experience and tried-and-true solutions to the table. And many are happy to provide advice, and then wish the company luck in implementing their recommendations. No accountability and little achievement come with that offering.

Picciotti Consulting has found that a much different approach brings immediate and long-lasting success to its clients. Not only are solutions tailored to individual company vision and operations, Picciotti Consulting guides the process to assure the solutions are successful and established.

The Picciotti Process is summarized with the acronym S-T-A-T:

S Success Defining this first assures the solution meets the company’s needs
T Truth Symptoms are visible – true causes may not be. Finding them quickly will define and accelerate the right solutions
A Accountability Facilitating consensus about issues and solutions brings buy-in and accountability at all levels, so we get it right the first time
T Transformation This approach to problem-solving transforms behaviors, so the same problems won’t recur


To see this process in action, take a look at Success Stories.

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