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Actualizing the Vision

The process of defining the vision and planning to achieve it is as important to the health and prosperity of an organization as the execution of it. The most critical benefits of a good planning process are:

  • Including a variety of ideas
  • Building a consensus
  • Gaining buy-in of key players who must make it happen

While industry and company expertise exists in the organization, there’s often a gap in the knowledge, skills and ability to lead the process and gain buy-in. And communicating it effectively to all employees – the ones who make it happen – often is lacking.

Picciotti Consulting brings the expertise of knowing:

  • What questions to ask
  • Which assumptions to challenge
  • How to engage your planning participants at all levels
  • How to communicate to and motivate your employees to actualize it

This know-how results in actionable, achievable plans so you actualize your vision faster.

Click on the Success Stories below, to see those organizations that have articulated their future and are going after it.

NOTE: Clients of Picciotti Consulting are in competitive markets, and confidentiality is a critical component of our relationship. Success Stories, therefore, do not mention company names, and testimonials and feedback have not been attributed to specific individuals.

Bringing Company Vision into Focus

Energizing Leadership Teams

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