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Assuring Profitable Products/Services

There can be significant risks when introducing a new product – related to financial, market, and even internal cultural risks. And there are risks of keeping products and services in the company’s portfolio past their usefulness in the marketplace. To minimize those risks, every resource needs to be focused and used effectively.

Picciotti Consulting will help you:

  • Define success criteria
  • Critique existing product infrastructure
  • Create new product infrastructure, including:
    • Creating your product business plan
    • Designing and building critical infrastructure
    • Choosing the right people
    • Creating prospect, client and employee communications

Click on the Success Stories below, to see those organizations that needed to offer profitable products and services while minimizing their risks.

NOTE: Clients of Picciotti Consulting are in competitive markets, and confidentiality is a critical component of our relationship. Success Stories, therefore, do not mention company names, and testimonials and feedback have not been attributed to specific individuals.

Preserving Global Reputation

Determining Profitability in India

Staying Ahead of Competition with the Right Tools

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