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Determining Profitability in India

The Problem

My client eyed India as very large market. The company had developed an “interim” product as a pilot program designed to test the market there. Management sought answers to two key questions:

  • Whether the product offering could be continued profitably on a small scale; and
  • Whether it could be expanded with an acceptable return on investment (ROI)

And, a decision had to be made within 3 weeks!

The Solution

I conferred with senior management to better understand the company’s goals and financial criteria for success. Working with internal subject-matter experts (SMEs), we identified the development and operating components of the product, including deployment through a local Indian facility. Management preferred to ask various “what-if” questions as part of its decision-making process. I then developed a financial model that management could use to explore various scenarios and permutations for quick decisions.

The Result

All of this was accomplished within the 3-week deadline period. Management was able to make an informed decision – to withdraw the product after completion of the pilot program, saving significant investment dollars and staff time.

Feedback was provided: “Carolyn gave us exactly the right information we needed to make good decisions in a very short timeframe.”

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