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Improving Productivity by Eliminating In-Fighting

The Problem

The productivity of this General Manager had plummeted. His department heads were unable to eliminate the squabbling between their departments. The GM was forced to become a referee. Not only was it a drain on his time, it was becoming visible to his clients.

The company’s struggle was classic. Salespeople were over-promising. IT wasn’t delivering what the client needed. Client Management was afraid to give bad news to its clients. Everyone was working hard, but frustrations ran high. And more importantly, the clients knew that they weren’t getting the services they were told to expect.

The Solution

The situation required that I listen to senior management and staff individually in each area to understand the specific issues. I reviewed their information and process flows. Then, I initiated facilitated group discussions and individual coaching. We clarified roles, and we identified what was needed for each area and each team member to be successful.

It’s easy to backslide into old habits. So brief, routine accountability meetings were established, keeping everyone on the team informed and pulling in the same direction.

The Result

All three key areas got on track: Sales understood service capabilities. IT delivered what clients needed. Client Managers kept clients informed appropriately. And the General Manager once again focused on growing the company and going home happier.

Feedback included: “Carolyn hears and values all input from all levels, soliciting input from body language of those who don’t have the highest level of authority in the room.” And, she demonstrates “organizational agility, navigating the organization landscape effectively.”

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