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Rescuing Business at Risk

It’s not always easy to see a big problem or a significant need coming. Sometimes the symptoms are subtle and appear to be isolated. Other times, it seems that the organization is ready to handle it, and it turns out they’re not.

Whether it’s a surprise or not, leadership in problem-solving is a must!

And when people with the right skills aren’t available in-house, Picciotti Consulting provides what’s needed:

  • Thinking clearly and objectively
  • Creating a calm environment for productive action
  • Netting out high priority issues
  • Facilitating consensus and accountability to maximize results

Click on the Success Stories below, to see those organizations that have faced it and won.

NOTE: Clients of Picciotti Consulting are in competitive markets, and confidentiality is a critical component of our relationship. Success Stories, therefore, do not mention company names, and testimonials and feedback have not been attributed to specific individuals.

Rescuing a Multi-Million Dollar Contract

Delivering a New Product “Under the Gun”

Downsizing the Company by Half

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