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Downsizing the Company by Half

The Problem

It’s plenty tough enough to recognize the need for major changes and make the decision to downsize your company by half. Executing a plan to do it is that much harder – customers must stick with you and employees must help it happen.

The company President needed the resulting company to remain viable and profitable – and be on sound footing within 6 months. Every customer and every department was affected. He hadn’t slept well for quite some time.

The Solution

Communications was every bit as important as the tasks themselves for this major project. Employees needed to get their day-to-day jobs done, as well as help implement the project. Customers needed to understand the changes to come and believe that the resulting company would still meet their needs.

My first step was to help the senior leadership team articulate the vision for the new company. Then, with active participation of mid-level managers, I created the project plan to achieve the new vision. Their participation identified all the key tasks needed, no question. And by participating, the buy-in from these key people allowed them to keep their staffs informed and focused during the difficult transition period.

Following proven project management techniques and keeping fingers on the pulse of the departments and key staff members, I led the team to successful completion.

The Result

The company opened its doors as a smaller, healthier company within the 6-month deadline. Most of the customers and employees stayed with the company, allowing it to create a new niche for itself.

The President said: “Carolyn did a great job maintaining the big picture while handling the many details of this project. She made sure all employees were on the same page. And execution of the PR plan kept the vast majority of customers with us.”

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