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Rescuing a Multi-Million Dollar Contract

The Problem
A major client of this software development company was ready to cancel a multi-million dollar contract if the company kept missing its deadlines. Loss of this client would not only hurt the company’s bottom line, but its reputation in the marketplace as well.

The Solution
My first steps were to listen to the company’s client and the company’s management team to understand the issues and challenges they faced on both sides of the relationship. I also wanted to hear from the staff performing the work, to learn what seemed to be preventing them from delivering a good product on time. By separating causes from symptoms, and analyzing their system development process and their communication channels, it became clear that operating inefficiencies and gaps in communications should be corrected.

Experience has shown that, for solutions to stick there needs to be consensus and buy-in from those on the front lines, those doing the work. I facilitated individual and group discussions to confirm the problems, reaching agreement on how best to address them. Leading the implementation team, we completed the next critical phase of the project on time and with good quality. The tools I developed for successful delivery were left with the company, so that they could continue to meet their deadlines and carry-on without my on-going involvement.

The Result
By delivering their software product on time and with good quality, the company made its client look good and met the original expectation, making the client very happy with the results.

Company management said, “Carolyn was great at balancing client and company priorities effectively, with win-win results” and “she connected the dots and stitched things together, both within the company and with our client, creating a true team.

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